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Perimeter Fencing / Gates

Screenworks of Southwest FL, Inc. is a State Certified Specialty Aluminum Contractor as well as a State Certified Pool Contractor, Manufacturer and Installers of Mechanical and Poly Vinyl Perimeter Fencing / Gates.  We can Install Perimeter Fencing or Pool Fencing, whatever your fencing need, Screenworks can handle it for you.  If you are looking to take your fencing / gate designs to a higher level, Screenworks will help you create a structurally sound mechanical railing or poly vinyl privacy fence that is strong, durable, and beautiful.  Our Fence will give you a lifetime of Value, Safety, Peace of Mind and Privacy if Needed.

Screenworks is the premier leader in Florida in fence design, quality, and manufacturing. We believe that your fence should be a part of your landscape and fit your lifestyle, not just be the boundary that surrounds it. We manufacture our railings and fences for aesthetic appeal, strength, and landscape integration.

We'll start by analyzing your property, structural architecture, and functionality. Then our sales team will discuss it with the engineers or design team so your fence adds to the beauty of the property,  We try incorporating the natural landscape and elements in our designs. Once design specs are approved, your fence is hand crafted in some instances and then our qualified team installs the fence on-site, ensuring customer satisfaction and a quality job from start to finish.

If you are in the market for high quality mechanical railings, mechanical aluminum architectural fencing or a Poly Vinyl Privacy Fence for your next project, let our professional, educated team here at Screenworks make your dream a reality today.

 (239) 945-DAVE (3283)

State Certified Contractor

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